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WALL/WINTER 2023 Lookbook

Welcome to the Indigo Living Fall and Winter 2023 Lookbook! We are thrilled to introduce our two new furniture trends:
Modern Glamour and Luxe Resort. Modern Glamour takes inspiration from the timeless style of Art Deco, combining sophistication with ethereal elegance to create a luxurious aesthetic. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the forefront, resulting in visually striking furniture pieces.
Luxe Resort captures the essence of a luxurious vacation or serene natural landscape. It introduces outdoor-inspired elements into your home, creating a casual yet sophisticated ambiance. Clean and minimalistic lines define the furniture, promoting a sense of spaciousness and tranquility.


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Step into a world of timeless elegance and decadent allure with our latest furniture trend: Modern Glamour. This collection pays homage to the iconic Art Deco period while infusing a contemporary twist of ease and comfort. Balancing refined aesthetics with functional design, Modern Glamour showcases an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories that exude both boldness and sophistication.


Create a flow in your dining room by elevating it with a round dining table, curved back chairs, statement mirror and accessories for a cohesive and luxurious look. Make waves with our handsome new hand-crafted cabinet hand-painted with an abstract geometric pattern to add a sophisticated touch.


Featuring an elegant diamond pattern and contemporary satin champagne details, the Bridget Collection is Indigo’s latest bedroom range that is sure to add a touch of quiet elegance and sophistication to your home.



Experience the exquisite fusion of minimalism and warm elegance with Luxe Resort. Discover clean lines, beautifully grained timber, and earthy tones that create a serene ambiance. Immerse yourself in a touch of adventure and relaxation by incorporating exotic patterns, luxurious materials, and outdoor-inspired elements. Indulge in the allure of Aman Resorts with curated accessories and layers of warmth.


Exploring a rich mix of natural textures and colors. From the opulence of brass and leather to the earthy tones evoking a warm holiday retreat, elevate your space with a touch of elevated beauty.

Majestic Marbles

Elevate your space with this season’s statement pieces. Choose from an array of luxurious marble home accessories in rich, intense colors with lots of veining that exude timeless beauty.